Beautiful Berkhamstead

Leaving Millie behind guarding the boat in India, I returned to England and enjoyed one of the most colourful autumns I have seen in a long time.

Here is a set of photos that covers Berkhamstead by the Grand Union Canal and Ashridge Estate, a National Trust property that boasts a look-out tower, ideal for those panoramic shots of a beautiful English countryside.

I’ve given some of these shots a ‘painterly’ feel, prompting a photographer friend to wryly observe that they make perfect sweet tin covers. He was taking the p!ss of course!

As with all the slide shows, click the image below to start and go full-screen with the button in the bottom-right of the show.

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9 Comments on “Beautiful Berkhamstead”

  1. LOVE the photos Jim Jam. I will be setting one as my PC desktop. Especially like Berkhamsted Boat House and Green leaves shot from above.

  2. They are truly beautiful pictures. Nature and the English countryside at its best. Is the little wooden hut for sale I wonder? I would be most happy living there!!

  3. English countryside-you cannot beat it in the Autumn.Makes me want to get a canal boat so I can bumble along taking in the scenery. Did you ask that heron to move for the different shots?

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