Batten Down The Hatches, We’re Heading Home

Awoke with a slight sadness as we realised this would be our last day on the boat. This quickly left me when there was the mention of a natural Turkish breakfast and Jewellary shopping. We met Aiden at the Jewellary shop who shared with us his wealth of knowledge on Turkey and now we have to go back as there is so much to explore.

Making the most of the last day aboard Esper

Making the most of the last day aboard Esper

silBatten down the hatches, climb the rigging and let the cabin boy out of the toilet as we set sail for the last time. FMFF steered, LJF put the sails up and RPL tried his hand at fishing off the back of Esper, two hours later all he had caught on his hook was his finger. We sailed into Bodrum with clear views of all the islands: The man lying down, Lion Island, Kos and saw some great cloud formations and paragliders.

After a tricky manoeuvre in to the Marina, Red light on the Port side and Green light on the starboard we docked up. RPL and FMFF fending off the boats while LJF steered skilfully into place, in time for sunset and our final sundowner beers on Esper.

Back at Su Hotel things seemed a little strange – no gentle rocking of the boat and only Russel and Fi on a night out (Jamie had developed a cold after such an exciting adventure and probably the stress of having two hapless novices on his pride and joy!). After a plate of mezze, fish, cold red wine and Baklava things seemed just right again.


NB. we only had one further sighting of the pirate flag at Bodrum castle so it seems the shores are just as risky as the sea.

Goodbye from Rus and Fiona

Goodbye from Rus and Fiona

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