Bad Skippers. A Lesson Learned

Tips On How To Not Get Into Sailing

My early sailing career taught me a lot of things about life at sea. Perhaps the biggest lesson was how to get on with fellow crew members. It’s something I’m still learning. Occasionally, however, there are times when one comes across certain types of people whose behaviour is beyond one’s control. No amount of swabbing the decks or slaving in the galley will ever make life easier on board and this can be compounded by a long journey where getting off the boat is not an option.

The following story is about just that. Here we see the formation of some strong friendships amongst the crew, but as you read the account you’ll see the breakdown in team spirit as the journey progresses. The last entry in the log ends with every single member of the crew getting off the boat. This is all down to one person.

I have named the person involved in this story and make no attempt to anonimise them. I’m a fairly diplomatic person by nature but I’m making a point with this story in case any future crew member considers a position aboard this vessel with this skipper. Should you be researching the Formosa ‘Voyager’ in consideration of a vacancy aboard this 56ft ketch I seriously suggest you read this account first. If you are the skipper of this boat and are reading this then I really do hope you have improved your people skills!

Aside from that this is a great story about companionship and heavy weather sailing!

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