Back Where I Started!

a6For the first time I was able to walk the streets of Falmouth without the constant presence of the skipper and it was a great relief. I was able to check out Falmouth fully, taking a trip up to the castle and take in the fantastic views of the Cornish countryside.

b5The great views continued as I took my bus journey to Newquay airport to make my way back to Stansted, where Jason was waiting for me. We were picked up by Mum and Dad and ended up back in Saffron Walden! This was NOT what I had in mind but the fact that Jason was with me meant that the journey hadn’t ended: this was just an interlude. Indeed on Wednesday Jason and I drove the 15 mile trip to Wethersfield to see Tim and make some effort in finding another vessel to continue our journey. Of course it ended up in the pub in Finchingfield, but this was our first drink together without Paul breathing down our necks, so we made the most of it!

It was clear that we would soon have to go our separate ways. Jason needed a paid job and wasn’t able to join in Tim’s and my plans to continue in Gran Canaria. For this reason he left to head over to St Albans to find some paid work in order to save up for his next trip. Tim and I continued to chase our dream and as I type the latest plan is to fly back down to Portugal and catch a ride on a cat over to the Canaries. I’m not saying any more than this at the moment as it could all go tits up, but it would be fantastic if we ended up doing this: I got off in Portugal in the first place, so to continue from Portugal would be perfect.

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