Asmara Market, Eritrea

Asmara is the capital of Eritrea and sits above the clouds at the top of the mountains. Invariably it gets hot and by the end of the day the market traders and shoppers are exhausted.

Winner of The Times Weekend Travel weekly photo competition last year. Liz submitted this without me knowing and was the first photo comp I’d ever won.

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14 thoughts on “Asmara Market, Eritrea”

  1. Hi Sarang, thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. My mistake though, I'm afraid, it is Delhi that we fly back from. My apologies, I'm not planning the trip, my wife is, so I tend to get told the final details only after it has been booked 😉 If you have any Delhi contacts, that would be useful, though no doubt I'll be able to sniff some out. I think the 24th or 25th will be the only days I could make it.

    We do have friends in Mumbai who we may visit again next year. We spent three weeks there when we first sailed to India and I got to know it well. I visited Dharavi twice, which is my kind of photography. Street stuff. Loved it, and the people were wonderful.

  2. Thank you, +Sumit Sen, but I'm not aware of any major photowalks happening in India 🙁
    But +Jamie Furlong , there are many photography clubs/groups in most of the cities that you may contact. In Mumbai (where I stay) we have the Mumbai Weekend Shoot on flickr who conduct walks every Sunday. Link to their group-
    Also there's the JJ Mehta Photography Forum people with whom I often go shooting on Sundays (but mostly for nature macros :)) –
    Bangalore has Bangalore Photowalk:-

    BTW, when will you be in Mumbai? Maybe we can plan a walk here.

  3. Cheers, Sumit. BTW it looks like we're flying back to Mumbai from Assam, so we won't be coming back through Kolkata this time. I'll keep you posted of our movements though, and if ever you're in Kerala…

    BTW – are you aware of any big photography walks happening in India? The first G+ London one is happening in Nov and of course I'll miss it, which is a real shame, but if I could hook up with other photographers in India, that would be great.

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