Around Kara Ada

bodrumstart-rigThis second trip from Bodrum was a trip around Kara Ada itself, this time with just Salih and Bilge. For me this was an important moment as it was the first time I had ever sailed a boat as the most experienced person aboard. Even on the Aquarium trip I accompanied by three qualified skippers, two of whom were Yachtmasters, so this was a great mental leap forward for me.

Salih and Bilge very kindly turned up in the morning armed with some great home-cooked food. This was polished off pretty quickly but if Bilge brings round food like this every time they come sailing then I’m employing them as full-time crew!

As the most qualified person it was my duty to explain and teach everything that we were doing. Again this was a great opportunity to not only prove to myself that I knew what I was dong, but also an exercise in explaining things in plain English. And I mean plain English, because remember my two crew members were Turkish after all!

Different day but we had to include this pic of Bilge

Different day but we had to include this pic of Bilge

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