are you fit to sail

Are you fit enough to sail?

Are you fit enough to sail? Do you know your resting pulse rate and if it’s healthy? You might be strong, but is your stamina up to scratch?

During a recent trail walk along the low hills by our anchorage, we started to realise just how unfit we have become.

Are you fit to sail
Getting off the boat to walk ashore…

As we get older it’s important not to neglect our fitness, and if you’re planning to live on a boat we encourage you to do everything you can to stay healthy and FIT. Lockdown has meant a far more sedentary life than usual: too much eating and not enough moving. It was time to take action.

are you fit to sail
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Staying fit on a sailboat is surprisingly more difficult than you might imagine, so we’ve some suggestions to keep you in shape…
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Are you fit to sail
Bikes and boats go together

Here’s the full episode…

Thanks for being along for the ride with us.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie xx

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