Can you help us?

Can you help us

Are you a non-English speaker? If so, can you help us?

Many of you may not have realised that the last two episodes on Nige’s man-overboard story were translated into more than ten languages. This included the title, description and the closed captions that you can turn on in YouTube.

We’re interested to hear from any mate who reads a language other than English to see how well the translation works. All you have to do is select the languages from the CC (closed captions) option on the YouTube player.

We’ve been looking to do this for years but it’s only recently that Premier Pro, our editing software, is able to create a subtitle track, called an .srt file, that we can edit, upload, and then use an online service that translates the subtitles into a foreign language srt file.

Of course we’re relying on Google Translate and we can’t proof the translated file, plus there are technical sailing terms that could trip it up, but we’re curious to know how well it reads.

Languages include most of the larger European countries, some SE Asian languages including Malay, Thai, Indonesian, plus simplified Chinese.

We don’t want to set a precedent if these don’t work because the task is pretty labour-intensive, adding another day’s worth of editing to our already bloated workflow, but we may do this for some of the more important episodes.

Interested to hear your thoughts so please let us know in the comments.

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One Comment on “Can you help us?”

  1. Dear Friends,
    I know the worst nightmare of a sailor is going overboard and being forced to see his boat sailing happily on and disappearing behind the horizon.
    Here is a Link to a post from my friends homepage in which a helpful hint is given. The main focus is how to stop my sailing yacht and giving me a chance to get back on board.
    Everyone can copy this “safety device” and it costs nearly nothing. The main focus is how to stop the auto pilot “remotely”. The photographs are self-explanatory. The whole blog is in German language. I have sent a mail to my friend asking his permission to translate it into English. I’m sure he has no objection but as a matter of fairness I want to have his permission.
    Here is the link:

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