Are sailing channels all the same?

If you missed our YouTube livestream you can still watch it, we’ve linked to it in this post. We were up at the crack of sparrows on Monday morning to talk about a number of things, did you catch it? There was an ongoing debate in the live chat as we worked through the subjects we’d promised to cover.

First up, we asked if sailing channels are all looking too much the same. The common criticism we see around the internet is that they are not showing anything new, but are simply re-hashing the same old stories, using click-baity thumbnails and relying too often on nudity. Do you agree?

We took a couple of polls, one in the Facebook group ‘Sailing YouTube Channels‘ for creators and fans, and the other on our Community tab on our YouTube page. These are the results:

YouTube Community Tab poll – click to read in full

As you can see, those who voted were of the opinion that sailing channels are boring! Is that because there is an over-saturation now?

Facebook group poll – click to read in full

When we started there were only a handful of channels, but now we hear there are around two thousand (not sure if that’s true). Or are viewers not finding the right channel for them? What are your thoughts?

We talked about other subjects too, including Millie, of course. In the description under the video on YouTube there are time-stamps for each topic so viewers can skip the bits that sound boring!

05:21 Sailing channels – are they boring?
10:31 How we’re going to change
18:54 What video technical equipment do we use
21:08 Does making videos detract from the adventure
24:25 Jamie cocks up good!
27:38 Sailing plans for 2020 and to Japan/PNW and safety at sea
40:36 Christmas prize winner revealed
42:52 Millie update
48:04 Medical provisions, insurance, supplies
52:00 Do we ever buddy up with other cruisers?
53:14 How are we protecting ourselves against the coronavirus?
54:42 What do we do about cat litter?
55:47 What repairs/moderations will we be making for our trip to Japan?
58:28 How do you manage to maintain your relationship?

We had a lot of fun droning on, bickering, laughing and trying to control Millie and hope you will enjoy sitting down with a cuppa tea (or something stronger!) to get through it.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments here, or leave a comment on the YouTube video.

Thanks for following our salty life and joining us on our journey.

Peace and fair winds, friends!
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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