Are my photographs GOOD ENOUGH for the RPS?

Liz is in Palma sunning herself while Jamie is looking to submit his underwater photography for the Royal Photographic Society ARPS, but are his underwater shots, taken with the Olympus Tough TG6, good enough?

In this video, Jamie considers some of his work and discusses what technicalities will fail you on your ARPS examination.

Are my photographs GOOD ENOUGH for the RPS?

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Liz and Jamie

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  1. You wrote a fitting tribute to the death of Nazer Muhammed Ali (Cochin India) a few weeks ago. Due to the extremely poor rate of donations coming in (just 20 people have donated, some of them my friends and family who have never met Nazer or been to India) — I wonder if you might be so kind as to post the fundraiser through your FB, Blog and Video presence. Surely this is a worthwhile cause?

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