Animals on boats

Animals on Boats | Good and Bad

[S04E23] There will always be animals on boats, whether you want them there or not. To live on a boat means living with nature: on land in the sea and in the air. Some are friendlier than others and will make your life better. Some won’t…

Sailors over the centuries have often gone to sea with animals on boats. Yes, they were used as ratters and to eat. But they were also there as pets. With wives, children and dear ones left behind, monkeys, cats, dogs and birds became the companions of those old sailors.

Try these time codes for specific topics…

00:00 You WILL get animals on your sailboat!
01:13 PETS on boats: cats, dogs (Schipperke breed aka “Little Captain”), birds, rabbits etc
07:39 Guirec Soudée and his French Hen
09:16 INSECTS on boats: ants, weevils, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes etc
14:33 GECKOS on boats: Tokays (Mr T)
19:08 RATS on boats
24:06 SNAKES on boats
25:58 BIRDS on boats
33:26 FISH using sailboats as their home – Remora, reef fish
35:47 You WILL get animals on your sailboat!

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