Am I Back In Holland?

This huge, shallow marsa looked a bit like the Dutch waterways. Another bird sanctuary-cum-BBQ spot. I could attempt to impress you with a description of this fantastic sailing destination but you’ll just get jealous, so instead I’ll impress you with a picture of a blue-tipped reef shark we caught. Tasted bloody lovely when shallow fried in batter!

This was the first time all of the rally boats got together and to celebrate we had a barbie on the beach, thanks to Cilian and Morris of ‘Cobble’.

Cilian the day

Colin of 'Moody Time' and rally relax as the sun sets

... and still firestarting at night

The next afternoon we set off and gained three hitch-hikers, which Liz later discovered were bridled terns. They were completely unphased by both us and the camera. They thanked us by leaving us little presents all over the bimini.

A bridled tern

Oh, and we caught another tuna (10.5lbs, 83cm).

It was our biggest yet, whose head was bigger than Millie’s. Not that she cared.

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2 Comments on “Am I Back In Holland?”

  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pics and delightful commentary! Everyone looks good and quite relaxed – nice to see. Millie looks as if she is in heaven!

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