Africa Africa Africa!

Our last stop was a place called Khor Nawarat, which was our last stop in Sudan. Having finally learned how to use our wind pilot we make the next 180 miles under sail alone and find ourselves in Massawa, the port town of Eritrea. Despite being the second poorest country in the world Eritrea is clean, friendly and relaxing, and Massawa a welcome return to some kind of civilisation, including bars that serve local cheap beer!

We spent some time in Massawa and managed to wrangle not just a trip to the mountainous capital, Asmara, but get invited to the Fenkle party, which was a celebration of the country’s independence twenty years ago.

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2 Comments on “Africa Africa Africa!”

  1. Hi J&L, I was aware that some of your podcasts were not alerted to us and I am currently working through them to find out which. This is one of them and I must say people have missed out on a good report. I liked the very eery beginning but the best bit had to be meeting the kids in Masawa and introducing themselves, the Africa song was very amusing.

  2. We have ceased sending out reminders for podcasts because most of our subscriptions come through iTunes. Indeed after just a few months we now have over 2,500 subscribers to our podcasts! Thank you for the kind words regarding this podcast. It was a while ago that we recorded it so we’re going to listen to it again now!

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