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Cruising Advice From Over One Hundred Real Cruisers

As real-life cruisers, “if you were going to offer ONE piece of PRACTICAL advice to a new or would-be cruiser, what would it be?”

This is the question we asked our friends, supporters and viewers across social media, and just under 150 real-life cruisers came back with their advice… Some of their answers may surprise you.

Watch or listen to find out more, and to learn the multitude of ways cruisers think and prioritise. Remember, these people are out their actually doing it, and most don’t even have YouTube channels! 😀

Here is a hint of what’s in the video-podcast:

  • Do it now
  • Whatever you think it’s going to cost, triple it
  • Get some experience before you buy
  • You can go anywhere or anytime, but not both
  • Make sure your partner is as keen as you
  • Explain your rules to all crew
  • On Passage – ditch the rules?
  • On Passage – hasten slowly
  • On Passage – it’s not comfortable to check your phone on the toilet
  • Boat Maintenance – Do or DIY
  • Keep a keen eye on the forecast; these days misery is optional.
  • In sketchy harbours keep an anchor watch
  • Don’t be in a rush; explore each stopover
  • Never sail with a goat; they are greedy and bad with knots

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to a new cruiser?

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