Advanced open water

Passing the Advanced Open Water Diver course

With Liz now a fully certified PADI Open Water Diver (for the second time) it was Jamie’s turn to up his game.

Big Fin Divers in Kota Belud got in touch to say that there had been a last minute cancellation for the Advanced Open Water course and would Jamie be interested in joining Cheq and Eddie for the two days of practical and theoretical exercises? (That’s Eddie, by the way, in our cover image).

It was a no-brainer, of course he’d join them.

So, after a night of very little sleep in a windy anchorage, he set off at dawn to join the others.

Liz remained on board SY Esper to catch up on lost sleep and to keep an eye on the weather. If the wind kicked up she would do something… exactly what she’d do Liz wasn’t sure, but at least she’d be there.

Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water Diving course takes all the information you’ve already absorbed in the Open Water course and refines it. But the really exciting bit is the addition of night diving and deep diving.

The five main elements of the course
  • Navigation
  • Peak performance buoyancy
  • Night dive
  • Deep dive
  • Fish identification

In Episode 281 (linked at the end of this article) we go through the requirements of each section of the course.

It’s always an adventure to get underwater with Maman of Big Fin Divers, just about the best instructor we’ve ever dived with. Despite thousands of dives under his belt, his enthusiasm and evident joy is infectious, imparting confidence to even the most timid diver.

Before you watch the video, take a look at some of these great images Jamie managed to capture during the course…

Advanced open water dive
Feather stars on coral bommie
Advanced open water dive
octopus cyanea – Big blue (day) octopus
Advanced open water dive
Nudibranch – Phyllidia elegans
Advanced open water dive
anemone shrimp
Advanced open water dive
Scorpion fish
Advanced open water dive
Nudibranch – Jorunna funebris

Plenty more marine life in our video as well as full details of the course.

And don’t forget to listen to the very end when you’ll hear Maman shrieking through his mask with excitement at the Spanish Dancer they found during the night dive. Click here…

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    1. Diving has kept us sane over the past 20 months of intense lockdown here in Malaysia. Thank goodness we had the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills. I encourage you to take a Scuba holiday when you can. Cheers! Liz

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