A world without light (and power)

Living in a world without light and the importance of power. When you have no light because you have no power, you have to find a way to see – it could mean your survival. In Episode 251, we discuss “Watts on Water” a new initiative from Watts of Love, an NGO which is trying to light up the world.

A world without lightShout out to The Seismic Research Centre of the West Indies for permission to use some astounding images and footage within our video.

A world without water

The people of St Vincent were devastated in April when the volcano erupted, covering their island in ash. No power, no communications, no water turned their lives upside down. Now they are trying to survive and re-build with the help of NGOs like Watts of Love, and specifically Watts on Water, an an initiative set up by the boating community.

A world without water

If any of you are familiar with the YouTube channel Jerry Rig Everything (over 6m subscribers) he stripped down one of these lights to prove how durable they are. They provide up to 120hrs of light and can be used as a lamp, flash-light or worn as a head-torch.

Watts of Love make a number of different solar-powered lights and they are built like tanks. Not your cheapo LEDs lights, these things are designed with durability in mind and Watts of Love have been distributing these for the last three years to poverty-striken locations around the world.

Do not underestimate the joy and relief these lights bring to people who have been cut off from the rest of the world without power, or who have lost familiy members from fires caused by kerosine.

With most power out, no-one able to fly in, continuing seismic activity, the on-going pandemic and the hurricane season coming the people are struggling. Fortunately Watts on Water is stepping up to this natural disaster by distributing solar-powered lights.

Borne out of a need to enable people to switch to solar from kerosene (toxic and a fire hazard) Watts of Love has been distributing help around the world for a while.

A world without light
Celebrating with new lights!

Sailors and cruisers understand the power of nature. We harness the energy of nature on a daily basis and we appreicate the darkness night brings in remote places. Cruisers also understand the importance of technologies like solar and LEDs.

If you are interested in helping click Watts Of Love. The St Vincent disaster aid program is on the front page.

Peace and fair winds

Liz and Jamie

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  1. Thank you for an eyeopening and inspirnational post. I guess we took proper lighting at night for granted. I pleased to see how Watts of Love is providing so much joy for people in need.

    1. They are doing great work. I’m with you, and had never really imagined how important decent lighting is for most of us. Liz

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