A Window Of Opportunity?

malo14It was a real shame I was missing Liz’s birthday. We spoke on the phone and she had received the flowers I sent her but was yet to discover the treasure trail of presents I had left dotted around the house. Despite being on a boat in sunny Spain (ok, not so sunny) and eating tapas checking out old ladies, if I could have been back at home for one day it would have been today. Bayona was becoming a disappointment. Still, the whole reason for my being here was to extend my sailing knowledge for our future life on the water together.

After scrubbing the cock pit, cleaning the heads and other things like minor sail repairs we wandered into town to provision up. The skipper had pointed out that there was a window of good weather so the possibility of leaving this evening was a real one. The Germans in the wooden ketch next to us obviously thought so and left Bayona at lunch. It wasn’t until we checked the weather that evening that that window of opportunity had turned foul. As dark clouds drew in and the boat bobbed around the forecast was predicting winds of up to 100km! Just as well we didn’t go out when we were planning to as the sh!t really hit the fan. But what of those Germans?

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