A Virgin Rides Out

tacbatheI met Taç at Istanbul airport last year. I was on my way back to the UK and she was off on a trekking holiday in the Himalayas on her own. Here’s a girl with a sense of adventure I thought, especially being a young Turkish girl. It was whilst Tim was visiting that Taç came down for her summer holiday and we decided to take Taç out on her first sailing trip, a few miles down the coast.

We were lucky with the weather. With a reef in the main we shot out of Bodrum and along the coast and really gave Taç a fantastic virgin sail. We headed in to our favourite local spot, Ortakent, and hooked up with Mark and Akan for a few beers on the beach. Actually a few beers turned into a lot of beers and left Tim and myself struggling in the dinghy. Taç took the sensible option of a taxi ride back to her parents, who were staying in their holiday home just down the road.

Not bad for a beginner!

Not bad for a beginner!

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