A Turkish Road Trip Around Anatolia & South Aegean

Taking in Efes (Ephesus), Aphrodisias, Didyma and Pamukkale

To help put this little trip into context we’ve included a road map (in the bottom right hand corner you can place western Anatolia within Turkey). The Greek island of Kos is on the bottom left and just off the map under Marmaris is the Greek island of Rhodes. Starting at Marmaris we headed north east through Tavas towards Denizli….

An anti-clockwise road trip around western Anatolia and southern Aegean
An anti-clockwise road trip around western Anatolia and southern Aegean

We skirted west round this rather industrial looking town to Pamukkale (which you can’t see on the map); next we headed west to Aphrodisias (roughly top centre of the map) and then onto Efes, which is by Selcuk (at the very top left of the map); from there we followed the coast down to Didyma, and then back through Milas and Mugla.

  • Trip length: three days
  • Kilometres driven: 850km
  • Petrol consumed: 200ytl
  • Cheapest pansion stayed in: Beyaz Kale, Pamukkale, 30ytl for a double and breakfast
  • Oldest sight visited: the mounds of Aphrodisias – Bronze Age (2800 BC)
  • Most bizarre fact learned along the way: Boris Johnson makes mayor of London
  • Largest arse: spotted cracking the marble streets of Efes (photographic evidence to follow)

The following trip has been recorded by Liz and includes her pics she took along the way. There’s a photo slide show of my pics somewhere amongst that lot.

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