This is a quick tour of Krabi Boat Lagoon in Thailand, all shot from a bicycle! It’s a lovely spot to work on the boat…

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Jamie bought the Zhiyun Crane (Mk2) some months ago to mount the GH5 on but found it rather cumbersome. It sat in the cupboard for six months until he pulled out his old Olympus OMD EM5 Mk2, also relegated to the cupboard once he bought the GH5, but the two work together quite well. It’s not going to win awards for the best colour depth but as b-roll it’s alright.

Shot at 60fps in the EM5’s ‘flat’ picture profile with minor adjustments, continual AF, auto white balance.

Preparations for the big trip eastwards to Pacific Northwest via Japan are coming along nicely…

Peace and fair winds!

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