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Three-tiered tree display for simple navigation

Three-tiered tree display for simple navigation

In the last six years followtheboat has sailed over 10,000 nautical miles and visited many countries. Those familiar to FTB will know that we try to avoid boring you with sailing yarns, preferring to entertain through amusing and considered observation, accompanied by great photographs. Some people, however, do use our website as a resource and want to learn more about the places we have observed, whilst others just like to see if we have visited places they’ve been to. However you use followtheboat you will find our latest ‘Places’ page very useful as it helps navigate through the blog via geographic location in a logical, alphabetical order.

You can see the entire list under the ‘Places’ tab in the main menu. It interrogates the database and lists alphabetically all articles tagged with either a country, a region within that country, or a ‘location’, which is a specific town, village or anchorage we have visited and written about. If you have visited any of the places we’ve written about we’d like to hear what you think of both the location and our interpretation of it.

This is a complex bit of programming developed by our internet friend, Justin, which updates the page automatically. He spent a lot of time working on this so we’d like to thank him for all his efforts.

See it all here or hit the ‘Places’ tab in the main menu, and remember to use the ‘Share’ button, below, to email this page to any one you think may find it useful. Just hover your mouse over the button for more options.

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