A Festive, Possibly Sobering Message

This Christmas Day the Vasco Da Gama rally participants and friends held a pontoon party in Hurghada Marina. Around 20 or so people took part in this ‘pot luck’ festive dinner. Liz and I were due to take part in the celebrations, and we did, but not without a hiccup (i.e. a morning spent in the hospital A&E due to a nasty eye infection, but that’s another story)!

Despite this we made the celebrations and we recorded a little podcast of the occasion.  The podcast is specifically for family and friends as we made a point of going round and recording messages from each of the participants. It ends with some sobering words from the rally organiser, Lo Brust.

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16 Comments on “A Festive, Possibly Sobering Message”

  1. Nice Video Jamie … gives a good idea of what going on down there … many thanks ….

    But No Podcast..

    Ok will have to wait I guess … take care … Hope Lizzie is doing Fine.

    Regards ,


  2. Good to see you all enjoying yourselves on a lovely sunny, warm Christmas Day.
    Christmas love from the “Furlongs” including Buster. 😉

  3. Hi
    What a lovely way to spend a Christmas Day. (I also couldn’t open the podcast) Happy New Year to you both.
    Cuz xxxxxxxxx

  4. I am really sorry for the podcast problems. This is a very busy time of the year when you are all at home catching up on emails so our podcast server, which is hosted by Podbean, is struggling with demand. You have a number of options: subscribe to our podcast via iTunes and schedule to download automatically; visit http://www.followtheboat.podcast.com and download the podcast using the appropriate ‘download’ button; or try again later. Once again, our since apologies. Go and treat yourself to a stiff whiskey 😉

  5. Dear Jamie and Liz
    Happy Xmas and New Year to you.
    Our Xmas was almost white, no sunshine or blue clouds in sight.
    Hope you are all well and getting better from your painful sounding cornea problem…
    Good luck for the new decade…


  6. great video/podcast – seen in canada. everyone looks great! will catch up to you in a year’s time (on chinook). brian and deb

  7. Hello Jamie Hello Liz- Great to have a leedle glimpse into Espers Christmas!!! Get well soon Liz – ulcerated cornea sounds too terrible – we wish you both well.
    We had our bit of too much excitement when Geoff’s Aunt, 90 years old, fell down the stairs!!! She survived without breaking any bones but needed plastic surgery to her shin to replace lost skin. But she’s a tough old bird. 😉

    Like the others, we received no podcast as yet… J & G xxx

  8. Hi Both,
    Sorry to hear about Liz’s eye travail.Yoiu were lucky it didn’t happen in Port Sudan!
    Didn’t get the podcast, minimal sound. Video movement about twice the speed it needs to be for old folk like us to take in the detail. The cat was right!
    Enjoy yourselves. Didn’t realise you were in a group, safety in numbers maybe. They have aloevera cactus growing wild in Egypt Liz, break off one of the arm’s wonderful for infection. The other brilliant cure all for infection is Listerine. Forget about it as a mouthwash. Especially if the cat gets an infection.
    From a very windy Marmaris
    Roger and Valerie

  9. Thank you so much for all your correspondence to date we do enjoy both the continuing story and technology.
    We wish Liz a speedy recovery and hope for no further mishaps.

    We wish you all a very happy and safe New Year.
    From Pat, Basil and Roger.

  10. Ahoy there chaps!

    Xmas in the sun looks idylic – very jealous, although so sorry to hear about the eye Liz! Hope you are feeling better now and that you both have a fab new year! Thinking of you both and shame I couldn’t make it over but see you in 2010 for sure! Keep the podcasts coming – they are great and its so good to hear you both and all the tales from the high seas! Take care and fair winds!
    Lossa Love
    Kell xxx

  11. Hello friends, just clicked on to your message to hear about Liz’s eye problem.I wish you get well soonest Liz..And for all of you down at Hurgada marina,I wish, a very happy new year,& a fantastic sail.
    Much love,Yener

  12. Hope Liz can see Cleerely now, (she always was a bit of a drama queen) Best Podcast yet and also a great sounding multi-cultural Christmas. Keep up with the sinister Pirate tales to feed our natural human instinct for bad news – Daily Mail readers will understand what I mean!

    Jamie, I went out to Wicken Fen yesterday with the camera, the light was fantastic! Then it dropped to minus 3 and my fingers stopped working – pictures to come soon.

    Lots of love

    Tim & Annie.

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