A Festive Message From The Esper Gang

Christmas is a’ coming and the nuns are out in force. Yep, you can tell it’s the festive season here in Cochin because the ladies in grey habits are running amok in the Christmas decoration shops. Clearly believing they have the blessing of The Lord Jesus Christ these little old ladies barge their way through the masses, desperate to purchase the most gaudy of decorations. There’s definitely some perverse pecking order going on in this predominantly Catholic part of India. Using their elbows as weapons these sinister old birds have complete disregard for the poor local children unfortunate enough to walk into their paths. One Lady Superior (superior lady?) pushed past me, knocked down a display spreading the contents of said display across the shop floor, and walked off as if nothing had happened. Presumably she was expecting some minion to clean up after her. I did the Christian thing, however, and made her aware of her ‘accident’. She was not impressed but made some half-hearted effort at clearing up the seasonal mess before kicking the rest of the display under a small child. Up until that point I’d only ever seen a nun on her knees in prayer.



Nuns in Cochin last week preparing for their Christmas shop



Talking of gaudy decorations, it seems we have a competition with our friends from the north aboard ‘Divanty’, the boat next door. After they raced to put up an inflatable Santa Clause on their foredeck with twinkling lights running the entire length of their large boat, we took the bait. They may be Yorkshire neuvo-riche but they’re no match for the chavs aboard Esper: yesterday evening we raised our 15m high multi-coloured tube lighting erection, much to the consternation of the local electricity board. Such is the brightness of our triumph we’re expecting three wise men to turn up in a few days. I tried to take a picture but the glare was just too blinding for the naked eye.

Instead we attach a little festive pic of our Millie, seated upon her tinsly throne, and we wish all our family and friends a very merry, and in some cases snowy, Christmas 2010.

Lots of love,
Liz, Millie and Jamie


EDIT: As requested, those festive lights in pictures…










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6 Comments on “A Festive Message From The Esper Gang”

  1. Love the photo of Millie, what a contented pussycat. We were looking forward to seeing one of Esper in all her festive glory (Essex man in Cochin)!

  2. Hey Liz, Jamie & Millie,
    We have enjoyed your posts all year here at West Marine in California. In our business we live vicarioulsy through wonderful folks like you who are out there making adventure happen. That is, until we cast off from our cubicles and get out there ourselves. Take care and all the best in 2011! JMcG

  3. Nouveau riche indeed! Walking down the pontoon last night, I thought the marina had fitted runway lighting, but found it was the cables which were glowing red leading directly to Esper. Liz and Jamie have done a wonderful job on decorating Esper in a particularly chavvy way but unfortunately would only come in 2nd place if there was a competition due to the lack of a Father Christmas! Our pontoon has definitely got the Christmas spirit in more ways than one!!

  4. C’mon guys, get the illuminations pictures posted – then we can vote for the winner!

    Lots of love
    Chris xxx

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