6 Tips For Stress-free Cruising and Sailing

[S04E22] This week we’re giving away 6 tips for stress-free cruising. These are the things that make long-term cruising life a happier and more comfortable experience. We’re NOT talking about sail plans, types of sailboat, navigation, understanding the weather or sailing techniques.

Can you diagnose a fault with the engine if it breaks down in a remote area and you’re on your own? Did you know that some engines are easier and quicker to repair and maintain?

And what about your dinghy, can you lift it with its outboard motor attached? Sometimes you have to get it as far away from the water as possible, do you have good wheels on yours? We say that it’s good practice to always hoist it at night and to not rely on an anchor alarm.

As in life, apply the KISS rule for stress-free cruising…

In this podcast, we also talk about the importance of good anchoring technique and reliable ground tackle. Get it right and you’ll have stress-free cruising. We also explain why we always prefer to anchor rather than to take a mooring.

Try these time codes for specific topics…

00:00 Real-time update
01:27 KISS! 6 Tips For Stress-free Cruising
02:48 ESTABLISH CREW RÔLES – Who does what?
10:14 SYSTEMS – Understand your boat!
16:06 POWER – CRUCIAL to get this right for stress-free cruising (batteries/solar/electric winches)
22:39 DINGHY/TENDER – Bigger is NOT always better!
30:41 ANCHORING – PRACTISE till you get it right (You will sleep better!) + Mooring buoys
41:14 STORAGE/STOWAGE – What’s the difference?
43:33 BONUS TIPS for stress-free cruising

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6 Tips For Stress-free Cruising and Sailing

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