5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Boat (Revisited)

[S04E09] There are many YouTube channels dedicated to showing you what a beautiful and fantastical life it is to live on a sailboat. It’s the dream, right? But is that true? Sure, some of the time there are rainbows (and even the occasional unicorn), but believe us when we tell you after 17 years of doing this, it will break you unless you are strong.

In this follow-up, five years after our ORIGINAL video “5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Boat“, we look at what we said and the reaction we’ve had from our viewers. Have we changed our minds? Find out in the video podcast…

If you’re looking for reasons to buy a boat, then we recommend 5 Reasons You SHOULD Buy a Boat, our second video in the series.
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1 thought on “5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Boat (Revisited)”

  1. Awesome podcasts and videos. You have nothing to prove – you are doing it – and for such as long time ahead of others. As Liz said – its all about travel – and a boat makes that easiest with obviously somewhere to live/sleep/eat.

    As to the bad comments – I like Liz’s comment “good for you”. We are all human and have different tastes. We eat/live/dress differently per our own choices and decisions. I love your work and listen from my boat.

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