5 Reasons To Sail Around The World

It started with a fun evening meeting local people, then venturing to the Blue Ring to dive and coping with engine issues. This episode has it all, including some compelling reasons why we chose to sail around the world.

It’s normal for yacht rallies to put on land-based events at the locations visited, but with the spectre of the ‘C’ word hanging over us in 2020 many of the planned parties and soirees were cancelled. We were fortunate, however, to get a warm welcome in Silam where a local family put on a big party for the Sabah Rally participants.

The dance troupes put on a fine performance that, after a few glasses of rice wine, the yachties couldn’t help but join in.

We are now on our way towards the jewel in the crown of the Sabah Rally, BohayDulang. Except something went wrong with Esper’s engine.

The Blue Ring

Jamie admitted to being a complete drunken fool and losing some valuable equipment. For the technically minded, the entire first scene (partying with the locals) of the episode was shot on said equipment, which is how we were able to get some decent night footage.

Jamie’s still sobbing over his loss.

What do you think of our five reasons? Do you have any others?

Thank you for your support and for encouraging our travel story-telling.

Peace and fair winds,
Liz and Jamie xx


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  1. I am somehow afraid of being on the sea, maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many horror films lol. However, I love traveling to beaches and have fun there, just not on a long cruise trip towards the ocean tide.

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