Would you build a resort hotel here?

How many places untouched by tourism and development are left in the world? These Anambas islands are the wildest, most untamed and remote group we have found in 12 years of sailing across the globe.

The Anambas archipelago, in the South China Seas, can only be reached by boat. There are no resorts, hotels, bars, jet-skis or restaurants. Just unadulterated nature at its most beautiful. For total relaxation and immersion in the best our blue planet has to offer, this place is hard to beat.

This is Pulau Pedjaul, another dream island group within the Anambas. White sandy beaches stretch along the shores, blue lagoons just beg to be explored and the coral stretches to the horizon.

Kick back and enjoy some soothing relaxation with the beautiful drone footage of this tropical island paradise. Click on the image below to watch the video.



Peace and fair winds!

🗺 3°09’14.8″N 106°23’25.8″E

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