25 Cruising Heroes (for the 21st century)

What are your 25 Cruising Heroes for the 21st century? Yachting Monthly editor, Katy Stickland, was asked to choose her top 25, and when we heard she had chosen us, we were blown away!

What Katy said

“What constitutes a cruising hero in the 21st century? Especially as so much of the previous uncharted waters have already been explored? When you think of sailing heroes you automatically think of those skippers who achieved ‘firsts’…”

What Katy did

“I decided to focus on the sailors who are actively cruising, and whose writing and vlogging over the last two decades have quietly inspired sailors to plan and set sail on their own adventures. Even if it was only for a short cruise from their home port or harbour.”

We’re proud to be #4 in such illustrious company. Amazing sailors like Jeanne Socrates, Pete Goss and Rod and Lu Heikell. Bloggers like the incredible Dustin Reynolds of The Singlehanded Sailor. And fellow YouTubers like Sailing SV Delos, Drake Paragon, Sailing La Vagabonde and NBJS.

25 Cruising Heroes

25 “Cruising Heroes” – including us!

Do you agree with Katy’s list of 25 or is she missing anyone you love? Who would be in your top list of inspirational 21st century sailors? (But remember, they should be actively cruising). Follow this link to her article and send her your thoughts.

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Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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