First days at anchor after lockdown

We’re taking it easy at the moment, how is it for you these days?

We left the marina and spent our first night at anchor in a spot where it turned out to be illegal to drop the hook without a permit. Although we knew it was a marine park, we hadn’t realised we were not allowed to anchor until the next day when a Tunku Abdul Rahman Park ranger politely explained how to apply for the required permit. He was full of smiles and amazement, no-one had seen a sailing yacht in Sabah’s waters for four months!

Since the weather was closing in we moved to a safer (and this time legal) spot on the other side of Pulau Gaya to shelter from a predicted storm.

“Teluk Malohom” is a beautiful and natural bay with eagles flying above, turtles swimming below, pristine rainforest and a healthy mangrove swamp along its northern shore. Jamie investigated the mangrove by kayak where he was somewhat unnerved by its strange sounds.

Teluk Malohom

It was the perfect few days for us to begin the next chapter in our cruising life and to relax at anchor after five months in a marina.

Thank you for standing by us during these difficult times, your support is appreciated more than you can know.

Peace and fair winds,

Liz and Jamie xx

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