FTB Sailing Interview #03 | Matt Matson | s/y Aventura

” …all the stuff people are interested: the car you drive; the money in the bank; the cell phone you have. I’ve traded experiences for things. I don’t do a lot of things…” Next up in our series of interviews with sailors, commissioned specially for our Patreon supporters, is Matt Matson of s/y Aventura. A candid chat about life as a liveaboard, leaving old lifestyles behind, changing, fear… and Muslims. This is a special video feature for our Patreon supporters who get to see this clip a day before it goes public, just like all our FTB video blog posts.



Maldives to Malaysia. Sailing the Indian Ocean.#malaysia #maldives #sea #sailingadventure #sailingboat #sailing #travel…

Posted by Followtheboat on Friday, 10 July 2015


Rataxes – Hear Me Out [No Vocal Edit]

Discovered this artist based in Manchester, UK, who’s putting out quite a bit of suitable music for our video updates. We’re thinking gentle seas, balmy evenings and tasty cocktails here. Hoping to add this smooth little deep house number in our next sailing video blog update. Composed by Rataxes.