Esper Refit 30 – boat led lights

Two big projects this week: the removal of a blockage in the mast conduit and the interior lights. The lights are on-going but the removal of the blockage took three days and was only achieved by Moo’s brainwave.


Esper Refit 6 Month Round-up

Pong and Liz celebrate six months in the yard

We’ve been in the yard for six months now, and this week’s round-up, which covers all the work so far, coincides with Jamie’s return. The ceiling is going up and the mast is being dressed.


Liz’s Revamped Travel Writing Website revamped travel writing website

For the last few months our followtheboat updates have centred around our refit. This is all very well if you’re interested in boats, mechanics, engineering, painting and/or dusty Thai boatyards, but some of you are probably missing our travel stories and photos. Fear not, because Liz has just revamped her travel writing website and, right now, she’s getting more hits than followtheboat!


Esper Refit 25 – teak toe rail; rubbing strake

Pong, head carpenter, and Un, project manager of PSS Boatyard, Satun, Thailand

As usual the busiest man on the Esper refit project is Pong, the head carpenter. He’s been assisted by his sons in finishing off the new teak toe rail and the teak rubbing strake down the side of the boat. Sombat, meanwhile, cracks on with the electrics.