Esper Refit 16 – teak cockpit with grey caulking

Dang the varnisher with one piece of floorboard. Solid teak!

In the week that Thailand falls under martial law we have a special news bulletin on how the locals are coping with the threat. Meanwhile, in the boatyard, the top coat is now being applied and the masts look like new. Goy’s paint team are working on various lids and covers too, leaving just the topsides and deck to paint. That won’t be until the toe-rail ‘cuts’ have been smoothed and the cockpit box finished though. Meanwhile the cockpit seats are complete and the varnishers are doing a fantastic job on the floor.


Esper Refit 14 – Awlgrip 545; faring complete; Wilson Art laminate

Ton lays the Wilson Art laminate on our heads door!

It was one of those weeks where progress seems to be accelerating. The decks have been fared and when we left Esper on Saturday lunchtime, she was being masked off for some priming. Meanwhile the carpenters have completed the heads doors, which means we now have one purple door and one green one. They look fantastic!


A Magical Birthday Tour Of Ko Lipe

The beach of Castaway on Ko Lipe

This is tropical Ko Lipe where Liz and I spent her birthday for the last couple of days. It’s a rather splendid place and here’s a short photo-diary to remind you why Thailand is still a popular tourist destination.