Satun, Thailand – Photos From Our Next Home?

Chopping up stuff in Satun, Thailand

We plan to spend some time on the hard doing some major refitting to Esper. Unfortunately Malaysia doesn’t really figure as a viable option for the amount of work we’re planning so the obvious alternative is to get the work done in Thailand. No great shakes since we’re only 200 miles from Phuket where all the big boat yards are, but there’s another option: head 25 miles east from Langkawi to the mainland and check in to Satun’s boatyard, PSS. Here’s a brief intro to this sleepy town, packed full of images.


Galvanising Our Anchor And Chain

Galvanising your anchor and chain is a cost-effective way of lengthening the life of your gear. Here in Penang we used Steelway, who picked up our tackle and double-coated it in less than a week. Along the way I learnt a bit about the process and I’ve included some photos to show you the shiny result.


Our First Magazine Cover!

Sailing Today magazine is featuring our adventures from India to Malaysia in two editions. What’s even more exciting is that we are on the front cover! The first part, a seven-page spread, covers our time from India to the Maldives and the image features Esper at anchor at the beautiful Hideaway Resort.


A Brief Introduction To Langkawi

The food market in Kuah

It’s been too long since we last posted a blog update. We’d just sailed 1,500nm in some superb SW winds, but having lost our wind-pilot 200 miles into the trip we spent the rest of it exhausted and battered. Needless to say when we arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia, the last thing on our minds was reading, writing or even talking about sailing. Since then Liz returned to the UK for three months and I became a border-line alcoholic, discovering the delights and frustrations of Langkawi Island.


A Deafening Silence

One of the highlights for me was being dropped off in the middle of Wadi Rum and walking through a ‘ravine’. Khaled drove off and met us at the other side a few kilometres away. Walking through this ravine I came across a piece of perfectly preserved, albeit completely bleached, coral. At that point I could imagine Wadi Rum as a sea, with us walking on the bed.


The Subwoofer Stories – Part 1

August was a quiet month aboard Esper. With Mum back in the UK and Dad festering away in a bar somewhere, I thought I’d dig up an old cartoon I put together a few years ago for your entertainment. With much help from my uncle Tim it depicts the story of when Dad installed his sound system whilst Mum left him to clean barnacles off the hull. I hope you like it – Millie xx