Where Is Home?

As I heave myself on to the local ferry, camera slung over my shoulder, a group of kids lean over and shout ‘Which country? Which country?’.

‘England’, I reply, ‘but I live here now. I’ve been in Cochin for two years’. The children look puzzled until I add ‘I’m now Indian, India is my home. Look!’. I hold up my wrist next to theirs and joke ‘Same colour!’. The children burst into fits of giggles and I half smile, hoping I can convince them that India is indeed my home, at least for the moment.


Kolkata, Kewpies and Kalighat

“If you’re talking about a great place to live, I’d say Kolkata. It’s got everything: great restaurants, historic buildings, the Maidan, an excellent transport service and friendly people.” Upon this great bit of advice from a seasoned visitor to India we spent a few days in Kolkata and in this post we visit the untouristic Kalighat to view a few burning bodies.


Raiders Of The Meenakshi Temple

[S02E07] Think Raiders of the Lost Ark and you’ll begin to picture the interior of Meenakshi Temple, one of the largest Hindu temples in the world. We visit it during Pongal, the Hindu festival of harvest, and learn why a cow is sacred and other interesting facts about Hinduism.