1200 Miles from Lombok to Malaysia

Our voyage to Malaysia has started, and we’re thrilled to talk about it in real-time during the first passage north along the coast of Lombok.

Time stamps in this episode:
00:00 Podcasting since 2009! 00:59 Catch-up or continue with vlogs?
01:45 “I’m fed up with big heads”
05:17 Shakedown positivity!
06:18 First time to Bali
07:48 Why were we delayed by a year?
10:32 We still have two small problems
12:22 What would stop us from leaving?
12:56 Fishing boats sailing at us!
13:20 We’re so excited to be exploring again!
16:16 Mini boat deck tour underway
17:15 Mini galley and saloon tour underway

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