Turkey To Egypt Podcast: Part 1

We promised you a podcast of our crossing and so here it is: this is the first of two 20 minute podcasts, documenting our 400nm crossing from Turkey to Port Said,  Egypt.

In this episode we break things and talk about various aspects of navigation. This is the perfect podcast for introducing you to the wonders of sailing, especially if you have never stepped on board a boat before. Learn about the stars, what AIS is and what Millie the Cat thinks of it all.

By the time you read this we’ll be making our way down the Suez Canal, stopping off at Ismalia, where we plan to spend a few days checking out the ‘mids and buying quality Egyptian beer. With this in mind we’ve scheduled automatic publication of the two episodes whilst we are offline. The second part should arrive in your inbox on Thursday.

You may use any of the following options to listen to this podcast and you have the option of downloading it to your computer or iPod to listen to at your convenience. If none of the links below work for you then you can see the raw feed here and either click or download the link to the mp3 file.

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2 Comments on “Turkey To Egypt Podcast: Part 1”

  1. Cowrie Crew

    Hi Liz and Jamie,
    The podcast brought back many memories of our night passages. Great to hear Terry and Roger too!
    Fair winds,
    The Cowrie Crew

  2. Jamie

    Hi Cowrie Crew! Glad you enjoyed the podcast – the second one is quite amusing, especially when I try and steer the boat by the stars!

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