Traveling Vagrants

For those people who don’t own a boat but would like to experience the wonders of living aboard, take some inspiration from these two chaps. Both Cillian and Robbie had been cycling across Europe and met on New Year’s Eve. Within a week they had joined the Vasco Da Gama rally aboard ‘Cobble’ and ‘Rhumb Do’ respectively. Up until this point both boats had been single-handed by their skippers, Morris and Ian.

Cillian and Robbie have hit the deck running and have ingratiated themselves within the rally group quite successfully. It’s nice to have some young blood amongst the group and they, like everyone else, have their own story to tell.

To listen to the interview with Cillian and Robbie, use the media player below. Alternatively you may download the mp3 file directly by right-hand clicking this link.

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