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Our goal

We want to take you to places you’ve never been, and offer you experiences you’ve never witnessed

We love filming and blogging about this cruising life. And we are thrilled that you have come along to share it with us. We hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen, and will continue to follow us on our adventure. Our content will always be free, but some people in the past have wanted to send us a few quid to say thanks. So now there are two ways to give us a pat on the back..

Become a patron

We would love you to join the Patreon community where we post photos and links that no-one else sees. A pledge of $2 (about £1.30 for our UK followers) each time we release a video is all it takes.

We release two episodes a month, and you have the option to set your own limit. We thank patrons with rewards, so if you would like to see your name in the roll call at the end of our videos, fancy an Esper T shirt or a genuine Jamie Furlong original photographic print, check out our page.

Esper’s Rum Fund

Don’t like the idea of commitment? Don’t worry, you can throw a few doubloons in our Rum Fund as a one-off show of support.

Did you know that it takes the equivalent of at least one bottle of rum and two cans of cat food to produce each episode? That’s a lot of rum. And cat food.

As a thank you, we’ll send you the recipe for the famous Esper cocktail, but not Millie-the-cat’s favourite food–which is, basically, raw fish.

Don’t want to spend cash?

That’s OK because hearing from you is cool too! So do leave a message on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Or join in the comments on our YouTube channel. And in the meantime, just for a laugh, have a look at this video…

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