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Been a liveaboard since 2005, spending first few years living in Turkey. Started sailing a few years before when I joined my father on his retirement present we got for him: a sailing course across the North Sea! Been writing about every single trip, both on sea and on land, since that day. Take photography seriously but miss my decks.

Esper Refit 45 – tent down, masts up, davits on

Yes, you read that title right. Esper has finally been revealed to the outside world and we witness the first ray of sunshine on that beautiful shiny hull, and we even got the masts up, though not without a headache or two.

December 14th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|6 Comments

Esper Refit 43-44 – Totem’s fund raiser; bow roller installed

We said goodbye to s/y Totem this week but not before Behan pulls off an amazing fund-raiser for the workers kids. We also visit the workers' homes next to the boatyard.

December 9th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|7 Comments

Penang’s Chemical Brother

On Georgetown's most famous road, Chulia Street, resides this UNESCO World Heritage Site's most famous resident. Down one of the covered walkways that are characteristic of Penang's old town, nestled between a workshop refurbishing engine parts and a nick-nac store selling over-priced antiques, sits Liangtraco - 'Chemicals and Apparatus'.

November 29th, 2014|log|7 Comments

Esper Refit 41-42 – welding rodents; bow roller; Millie in hospital

This week's video clip is a cracking one. The younger crew from s/y Totem spend a week project managing Esper's refit, discuss life in the boatyard and adopt, albeit temporarily, three lost kittens.

November 25th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|5 Comments

Esper Refit 40 – pushpit extension; buat ordination; loi kathrong

It’s been a busy week both in the boatyard and in Satun town. We’ve finally extended our pushpit, and we were invited to the Loi Kathrong full-moon lantern festival and the ordination of a young monk.

November 14th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|2 Comments

Esper Refit 39 – Totem crew take over; life in the boatyard

This week's video clip is a cracking one. The younger crew from s/y Totem spend a week project managing Esper's refit, discuss life in the boatyard and adopt, albeit temporarily, three lost kittens.

November 6th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|11 Comments

Esper Refit 38 – swim platform brackets; installing the rudder

The swimming platform is pushed through the transom and into custom-made brackets, counterpoising it. We clean up the Aquadrive and coupling system and take a look at the veneer that's been varnished with polyurethane.

October 26th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|4 Comments

Esper Refit 37 – how to bed a genoa track with butyl tape; rudder doesn’t fit

In this week's refit video we show you how we bedded down our genoa track with butyl tape. No Sikaflex, no 3M, no polyurethane adhesive, just tape. Also I get to hang out with the locals, now that I'm fully entrenched in my new abode.

October 23rd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|4 Comments

Esper Refit 36 – basic boat wiring schematic; Maxprop grease nipple; torlon cutlass bearing

It's a short one this week since it was Eid and our workers took most of the week off. All except Nut, that is. He's made real progress with the mains/charging circuit.

October 12th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|4 Comments

Esper Refit 35 – PSS Dripless Seal; LED Dimmer

Dang the varnisher's back, as are the electricians. The sparkies have finally installed the LED dimmer switch and it looks good. Dang is preparing the boat for its last coat of varnishing whilst I remove the old stuffing box in preparation for the new PSS Dripless Seal.

October 5th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|2 Comments

Esper Refit 34 – bedding deck fittings with butyl tape

Lots of fiddly jobs this week. That's what the project is coming down to now, a collection of odd jobs, all interconnected in some way, and typically all held up by the late arrival of a vital material. This week we also play with butyl tape.

October 2nd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|6 Comments

Esper Refit 33 – boat catches fire; redrilling deck fittings;

This week has probably been the most eventful to date, and I’m not just talking about Esper’s progress. On Wednesday half of Chebilang turned out to watch a fishing boat burn right down to its hull, whilst a ferry bottoms out when being jacked up on a cradle. Other breakages include feet and motorbikes.

September 21st, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|2 Comments

Esper Refit 32 – welding and polishing swim platform

First week without Liz. After dropping her off at Hat Yai airport Moo and I visit the machine shop to try and get the swimming platform bent. Instead we get told off for filming on their premises. I wonder why?

September 14th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|5 Comments

Esper Refit 31 – shaft crevice corrosion

Bad news this week as we inspect our shaft, which has some corrosion. We turn to Vyv Cox of Coxengineering to find out how and why this has happened. Meanwhile we attempt to offer the swimming platform up to the transom, only to find it is a little too big.

September 7th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|3 Comments

Esper Refit 30 – boat led lights

Two big projects this week: the removal of a blockage in the mast conduit and the interior lights. The lights are on-going but the removal of the blockage took three days and was only achieved by Moo's brainwave.

August 31st, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|0 Comments

Esper Refit 6 Month Round-up

We've been in the yard for six months now, and this week's round-up, which covers all the work so far, coincides with Jamie's return. The ceiling is going up and the mast is being dressed.

August 25th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|9 Comments

Problems With Marine Anchor Swivels

Whilst galvanising our chain in Penang last year, our neighbour spotted our anchor swivel. "You don't want that on there", he said, and advised getting rid of it after explaining the potential problems it can cause (I.e. loss of your anchor leading to a potentially dangerous situation). Here's why, explained it detail...

August 22nd, 2014|log|0 Comments

Liz’s Revamped Travel Writing Website

For the last few months our followtheboat updates have centred around our refit. This is all very well if you're interested in boats, mechanics, engineering, painting and/or dusty Thai boatyards, but some of you are probably missing our travel stories and photos. Fear not, because Liz has just revamped her travel writing website and, right now, she's getting more hits than followtheboat!

August 16th, 2014|log|0 Comments

Esper Refit 25 – teak toe rail; rubbing strake

As usual the busiest man on the Esper refit project is Pong, the head carpenter. He's been assisted by his sons in finishing off the new teak toe rail and the teak rubbing strake down the side of the boat. Sombat, meanwhile, cracks on with the electrics.

August 10th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|2 Comments

Esper Refit 24 – saloon table with incorporated coffee table

This week we take a close look at that saloon table that has a coffee table incorporated into it. Amazing to think that in the same week the same man is also doing the rubbing strake.

August 2nd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|4 Comments