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Been a liveaboard since 2005, spending first few years living in Turkey. Started sailing a few years before when I joined my father on his retirement present we got for him: a sailing course across the North Sea! Been writing about every single trip, both on sea and on land, since that day. Take photography seriously but miss my decks.

Esper Refit Week 10-11

Whilst the local people celebrated Songkran we took a short break in Ko Lanta where we answered some of your questions.
April 20th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|1 Comment|

When Family Portraits Go Wrong

Tariq and Emma were holidaying with their toddler, Spike. Unfortunately the batteries for their camera had run out so I insisted on an informal family portrait on the beach, making the most of a rather splendid sunset. The problem was it was so dark I couldn't really see what I was doing and ended up with this effort...
April 13th, 2014|log|10 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 9

It was all about the painters this week as they raced against the ensuing storms to spray the first couple of layers of Awlgrip 545 primer. The painters weren't the only ones getting messy, Mey managed to paint most of her face as she tackled the various deck lockers.
April 5th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|4 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 8

This week we get to play with a new toy whilst the painters cover the topsides with a high build paint. Frustratingly we discover a rather unpleasant hole in the deck but at least the galley's now covered in tomato and aluminium.
March 30th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|2 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 7

Esper has changed colour and the first non-white Formica is up in the galley too. Check out our favourite video clip of the project so far, but do it soon before it gets taken down. I've just received notification of a copyright infringement! Meet The A Team, now called The E Team...
March 23rd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|25 Comments|

Launching Maggie Drum – Thai Style!

In this little clip we get to see a boat launched Thai style: in the cradle and with rather loud bangers to ward off evil spirits. It was sad to see our friends leave, but we were happy for them to be hitting the seas once more. We were even more delighted to see our neighbours, Sharm and Rumi, join 'Maggie Drum' for their first ever venture on the waves. An obvious but classic choice of sound track...
March 17th, 2014|log|5 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 6

Liz was doing the payroll the other week and as she went through the carpenters' names, Pong, Ton and Tui, she giggled to herself. Isn't that a cartoon dog that does kung fu? Here's our video dedication to our hard-working family of wood-workers...
March 16th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|6 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 5

Come into my office. Yes, we have an office, albeit a bit noisy and breezy. It was a frustrating week for some (me) but the rest of the team has been cracking along. Liz's Study, complete with a new, curved all, is almost complete. Meanwhile the painters have started filling the topsides and have already spraypainted primer on the main mast.
March 9th, 2014|log|17 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 4

Teak decks are being ripped off, toilets have been removed, the top-sides have been spraypainted black and someone is creating so much fibreglass particles and sawdust that even after three showers we're still itching like hell. The question, therefore, should be: exactly how close are we to a nervous breakdown after a month on the hard here in Thailand? The video clip should put it all in perspective...
March 2nd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|11 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 3

Six days of work in a three minute video clip... and whilst Liz gets a smack in the head we bring the entire yard to a standstill as we move four boats out the way so we can take prime spot in the corner of the yard. A snippet of time-lapse video trickery in this week's video summary too. Low-point of this week was having to let one of the staff go, but this was off-set by being relocated to our new home.
February 23rd, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|14 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 2

Week Two of Esper's refit moved as quickly as the first week. The crane was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, which it did, and Un's team duly removed both main and mizzen mast in two hours. We recorded the whole shebang, though you'll be pleased to know we reduced to down to a short clip, complete with some explanatory commentary. If you've not seen this operation before, take a look and marvel at the ease in which both masts were removed.
February 16th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|10 Comments|

Esper Refit Week 1

We've been off the radar for the last few weeks, if you'll excuse the nautical pun there. It's been a busy time with us leaving Malaysia, entering Thailand, hauling out, finding a house, emptying Esper of our worldly goods and preparing our beautiful but tired boat for a strip down. Esper's refit is a monumental project. At the very least we'll be stripping her of her gelcoat, her teak deck, her masts and rigging and her electronics...
February 9th, 2014|esper-refit-2014, log|7 Comments|

A New Year, A New Host, A New Boat?

Our website, like our lives, is in a state of flux. Whilst we prepare to haul Esper in Thailand and undergo a major refit, so followtheboat.com is getting some special treatment too. We were offline for a couple of weeks whilst we saw out Christmas at Rebak Resort and New Year at anchor. We even had Esper's lights lit whilst partying ashore, which made it very easy to find her at two in the morning, half-cut! We've included some recent photographs and a hint at what's happening next in our lives. Expect some interesting updates during 2014...
January 25th, 2014|log|6 Comments|

Satun, Thailand – Photos From Our Next Home?

We plan to spend some time on the hard doing some major refitting to Esper. Unfortunately Malaysia doesn't really figure as a viable option for the amount of work we're planning so the obvious alternative is to get the work done in Thailand. No great shakes since we're only 200 miles from Phuket where all the big boat yards are, but there's another option: head 25 miles east from Langkawi to the mainland and check in to Satun's boatyard, PSS. Here's a brief intro to this sleepy town, packed full of images.
December 8th, 2013|log|2 Comments|

Galvanising Our Anchor And Chain

Galvanising your anchor and chain is a cost-effective way of lengthening the life of your gear. Here in Penang we used Steelway, who picked up our tackle and double-coated it in less than a week. Along the way I learnt a bit about the process and I've included some photos to show you the shiny result.
December 7th, 2013|log|2 Comments|

Our First Magazine Cover!

Sailing Today magazine is featuring our adventures from India to Malaysia in two editions. What's even more exciting is that we are on the front cover! The first part, a seven-page spread, covers our time from India to the Maldives and the image features Esper at anchor at the beautiful Hideaway Resort.
December 3rd, 2013|log|1 Comment|

A Brief Introduction To Langkawi

It's been too long since we last posted a blog update. We'd just sailed 1,500nm in some superb SW winds, but having lost our wind-pilot 200 miles into the trip we spent the rest of it exhausted and battered. Needless to say when we arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia, the last thing on our minds was reading, writing or even talking about sailing. Since then Liz returned to the UK for three months and I became a border-line alcoholic, discovering the delights and frustrations of Langkawi Island.
November 24th, 2013|log|1 Comment|

A Deafening Silence

One of the highlights for me was being dropped off in the middle of Wadi Rum and walking through a 'ravine'. Khaled drove off and met us at the other side a few kilometres away. Walking through this ravine I came across a piece of perfectly preserved, albeit completely bleached, coral. At that point I could imagine Wadi Rum as a sea, with us walking on the bed.
September 10th, 2013|log|0 Comments|

Followtheboat Has Gone Responsive

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted some pretty big changes on followtheboat.com. We've completely redesigned the blog so that it is now 'responsive'. What does this mean? Well. it's pretty clever stuff...
July 16th, 2013|log|2 Comments|

13 Stupid Things Landlubbers Say

Let's face it, when it comes to sailing our landlubber friends just don't get it, gawd bless 'em! Fair enough, it's a lifestyle, not a pursuit, so unless you've been there why should you know your port from your starboard? Even so, some of these clangers are inexcusable. With much thanks to the Liveaboard community over on the YBW forum who contributed some of these priceless gems.
July 11th, 2013|log|6 Comments|