[Please note this has now been deprecated and will be replaced with the bigger and better followtheboat app!]

It’s been an exciting week here at Followtheboat Control Centre, what with two prizes being picked up by both Jamie and Liz (Jamie’s news here and Liz’s news here). The most exciting news, however, is that we have just completed building our first app.

If you’re not sure what an app is, it’s simply an ‘application’, or piece of software, for your computer or phone. This particular app is for anyone who owns an Android phone or Android tablet… in fact anything that runs on Google’s Android operating system, which according to figures released in February is around 300 million devices.

This app notifies the user when a new podcast comes out and allows them to either download or stream the podcast from the comfort of their chosen hardware. The idea is to open up the options of listening to the podcast to people who commute to work, or perhaps want to listen whilst traveling in the car.

So now all our podcasts are available via iTunes, via RSS, by website, and now by Android.

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