A number of boats have turned up recently, heading west. Never before have I met such a miserable bunch of sailors! I thought it was just me but this morning a friend of ours who was cleaning her boat asked “What is it with these people?” They simply cannot bring themselves to say ‘hello’.” She is a cheery lady who could make even Scrooge smile.

This is not a new observation, either. They’ve been like it since they arrived last week. Seriously, getting a polite ‘good morning’ out of these people is akin to the old blood and stone conundrum.

Perhaps the prospect of sailing into the Indian Ocean is playing on their minds. Maybe the current trouble in Egypt is hampering plans – it’s certainly kicking off there right now. Still, there is no excuse for their blatant rudeness. I can name just a couple of boats who make an effort but the others simply reinforce the reputation of us Brits being reserved. Reserved? No, just downright discourteous.

Perhaps they just hate India. Another boat who had been here all of two weeks and never left the confines of the marina complained that India was a crap third world country. This person will be sailing through Sudan and Eritrea shortly. He’s in for the shock of his life.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Terry and friends watching the local kids gleefully sail their battered old second-hand Optimist dinghies in the river. We were guest of honour at their certificate presentation and it was a very sweet, positive afternoon.

Perhaps the boats in question, who appear to have forgotten exactly how fortunate they are, should have attended and watched the joy on these kids’ faces.

Sadly, ignorance prevails.

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