Having commissioned followtheboat to write a four part series for the magazine, Sailing Today decided to take advantage of Liz’s presence at the Southampton Boat Show. She was asked to come up with her Top 10 items for a liveaboard.

The brief? Try to find as many new products as possible for the list. Liz could not quite find 10 new products, but had fun trying. She wondered at one stage if she would be allowed to include a brand spanking new Oyster 46, but then thought better of it.




The catch? It took two solid days of combing the show and interviewing people, followed by another full day of writing up the conclusions. It was fun, but felt dangerously close to being back at work.

Thanks go out to Trish and Jim, Emma and all the other stringers who chipped in with ideas.

The four page piece is in December’s edition of Sailing Today, available end October and online. If you can’t wait till then, here is an extract:



Any piece of equipment with the tag line “hull cleaning made easier” is guaranteed to catch my eye. The Waveblade power barnacle cleaner might just be the ticket for those of us who find very few opportunities to haul out.

The life of a liveaboard is spent in many beautiful anchorages, but even in paradise boat maintenance goes on. One of the most laborious jobs is keeping the yacht’s hull clean of flora and fauna; in the past I have cried over my bleeding knuckles after a morning of underwater hull scraping. The new Waveblade is set to make this a thing of the past.

Waterproof to 4.5m, the 12v Waveblade is simple to use under water and on land…


Catch the whole article in December’s Sailing Today magazine.



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