You’ll be pleased to know that our next log entry isn’t boring news about photography competitions: instead of entering photographs I’ve been busy taking them. Viewing pictures is far more interesting anyway and they are a great way of us documenting and communicating life here in India to you. This first set I’ve called “Preparing Dinner”.

I began this set with an attempt to document Muslim Indian Women in their home, preparing dinner for their family. It very quickly became obvious that as a white, foreign, non-Muslim, non-relative I would never be allowed into the inner sanctum of the Muslim woman’s kitchen. I succeeded just once.

I therefore shifted the goalpost to illustrate dinner preparation on a Sunday in one community. It covers private and commercial food preparation, utensils and techniques used in preparation and I even managed to get an invite into a sweet shop. Inadvertently the logistics of making this set of photographs were even more challenging than my original idea, especially the images taken in commercial kitchens which were smokey, tight and busy. A wide angle was essential on many shots.

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