In case our sailing friends haven’t heard the shocking news, we received an email this evening forwarded on by Fiona of Roam II, who received this message from Gaby and Paul who are based in Yacht Marina, Marmaris, Turkey. Yacht Marina is where Liz and I wintered in 2007-08. The email reads thus:

Hi Everybody

It is our very sad duty to report that Demokan, Mr Bilgins son and Owner Manger of Yacht Marina was shot and killed in Fethiye last night. It is thought that this resulted from an argument.

If you wish to send your condolences to the family then the best route  would be through addressed to Mr Bilgin and Family

It is expected that the funeral will be in Istanbul in the next day or two.


Gaby and Paul


If you have any comments you would like to post up we will be sure to pass them on.


Demokan Özkaynak, who was manager of Marmaris Yacht Marina


We don’t like spreading unfounded misinformation but we suspect that this news item, from today’s Fethiye Times, may be linked to the story above. We will, of course, confirm whether it is the same incident as soon as we know more.


This week’s ‘only in Turkey’ story took place in Çatalarık where the enmity between two neighbouring families, arising from an occasion where the male head of one family accused his counterpart of riding a motorcycle too fast, finally spilled over into a battle. Of course it started with verbal arguments, then the heads of both families produced pump action shot guns and started firing. Four people were injured and taken away by ambulance, following which the police arrived to find the battle continuing with weapons such as iron bars, branches and stone throwing. Reinforcements had to be called out before the one and a half hour incident was finally brought under control, and eleven people arrested. Police then raced to add additional security to that in existence at the State Hospital. Investigations are continuing.


Source: Fethiye Times


Ian of ‘Rhumb Do‘ forwarded on a link from a Google-translated Turkish news site that appears to corroborate reports that his death was over a parking row at the Bay Hotel. He was shot once in the stomach and the owner of the hotel has been arrested.

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