Welcome to the second poorest country in the world…

Considering Eritrea is so poor it certainly has much going for it! It is clean, extremely friendly, diverse in its nature, the women aren’t oppressed and the bars even serve Eritrea’s own cheap beer! In the next few blog entries we have photographs covering a whole range of subjects, but I’ll start with the kids. The kids of Massawa to be exact.

Within the first afternoon of dropping the hook we hopped on a local bus and made our way to the market.

Imagine being greeted by this:

This group of kids was hanging out by a shop that sold odds and ends owned by this lady:

As soon as I hauled my camera out the bag the kids were striking a pose! In no particular order here are a bunch of portraits a I took, all within just a few minutes. My apologies for the large amount of images but I love every single one of these.

We then made our way through the backsteets of Massawa from the market back to the anchorage.

And came across another group of kids, playing gangsta…

Gangsta Kids

We needed a rest. There was a hotel near-by and we stopped off for a beer and it was here that we met some interesting people. One was a famous Egyptian, though quite why he was famous we don’t know (he’s the young man in the following pictures). We met two of the most beautiful Somalian refugees, and we met a local old boy who the Egyptian befriended. Actually the Egyptian befriended the Somali girls and the local kids too! He makes a brief appearance in one of our podcasts, published next month, called ‘Africa Africa Africa!’.

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