This is quite possibly our most action-packed log entry to date! Not only do we have an excellent podcast by Liz, but we have over 70 photographs to accompany it too.

The podcast was recorded on the first day of our three day trip to Luxor and takes in Karnak, Hatshepsut’s Temple and The Valley of the Kings, affectionately known as the ‘Valley of the Russian Whores’. It is a fantastic walk-around commentary and is extremely well observed. What else would you expect from the daughter of a professor of archaeology? It’s quite amusing too, especially the observations of the eastern European tramps who were out in force that day, tottering around in 4 inch heels and rubbing their greasy mitts over the ancient hieroglyphs. To help put things in perspective, take a look at these candid shots, all taken within half an hour at Hatshepsut’s Sacred Temple.

That last one makes me p!ss myself. What the hell was going through his head when he dressed himself that morning? “Me and me bird are off to visit an ancient and sacred temple today so I really should dress appropriately.” Twat.

The podcast captures the first day (there is a separate podcast of our felucca trip) but the following photographs are of our three days in Luxor. Rather than displaying them ‘inline’ within this page, we’ve set them up as a gallery for you to view as you listen to the podcast! Clever, eh?

To listen to the podcast use the media player below, or right-hand click here to download the podcast directly.

To view the gallery click on the first thumbnail, below, but please ensure that the page has fully loaded (Firefox users will note that it says ‘Done’ in the bottom-left of the browser) before attempting to view the gallery. Use the << and >> links underneath the image to scroll through the images. Click on the image to escape from the slideshow. Notebook owners and other laptop users with small screens should use CTRL + Mousewheel to zoom in and out until the web page fits their window correctly.

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