I’m compelled to send you this quick text I received from a friend of ours who is a delivery skipper (a vastly underpaid job whereby the skipper takes on a huge responsibility to safely dispatch a vessel from one location to another). We’ll call him The Boat Stig. The Boat Stig was given the task of delivering a yacht from France to Turkey. That’s a bit of a boot, and this was a delivery skipper’s worst nightmare: the owner was on board.

“What a trip! The owner and his brother are mad! Owner lost plot & started screaming at me demanding that i take him on extended tour. That after yesterday when he said i was shit. Tried to kick me off the boat today until the agent told him he cant do that. He screwed up his face and started jumping up & down like a 5 year old. Am exhausted with everything. What a ***t!

Who is Boat Stig?

Who is The Boat Stig?

Welcome to the world of The Boat Stig, professional sailor. A man daring enough to venture into the world of underpaid and overworked yacht deliveries. He doesn’t test drive cars, this man tests his own patience, dealing with sailing industry twonks on a daily basis.

We salute you!

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